Linda Thomson

Linda Thomson, B Arts, Social Science, Human Services, Masters of Counselling, Master Social Work Studies, Social Work, Member – AASW.

Linda Thomson, B Arts, Social Science, Human Services, Masters of Counselling, Master Social Work Studies, Social Work, Member – AASW.

Linda Thomson is a highly qualified counselling professional, with a special interest in providing trauma counselling and couples therapy.

Since obtaining her Masters of Counselling in 2005, Linda Thomson has specialised in couples therapy, and particularly in sex therapy.

This interest grew as it became apparent to Linda that unaddressed/underlying sexual issues were a factor with many of the couples seeking out counselling.

Combining the two areas of expertise and offering couples and individuals the benefits of both types of therapy, minimises the amount of time that individuals/couples need to spend in therapy.

Relationship Counselling & Sex Therapy

Therapy may involve discussion of relationship issues, expectations, and any sexual problems; often beginning with the construction of a detailed relationship and/or sexual history, to examine the origins and patterns of the current situation.

Counselling may go on to scratch beneath the surface, to link early family and peer experiences to current unwanted behaviours and relationships, thus deepening the awareness of the relationship between thoughts, feeling and behaviours, and how to challenge some of these beliefs if required. Therapy helps individuals to feel better about life, and empowered to make better choices.

Sex therapy is a specialised field that combines the complexities of human relationships whilst addressing issues such as a sex-starved marriage, grief and loss over a previously active sex life, avoiding sex, finding difficulties staying in the moment during or before sex.

For men, it may include treating erectile dysfunction, rapid/premature/delayed ejaculation, and low desire.

For women, it may include the treatment of low desire, painful intercourse, vaginisimus/vulvadynia.

For both sexes, therapy can also assist with sexual inexperience, coming out, sexual anorexia, childhood sexual traumas, fetishes, swinging, bondage, and poor body image. Linda enjoys helping people navigate their sexual expression and their presence in society.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Grief 4In addition to her relationship counselling expertise, Linda’s special interests include helping people through the pain associated with grief and loss, life transitions, separation, trauma and emotional issues.

Linda has studied grief and loss counselling at a Master’s level and has a broad understanding of the theoretical interventions; she has written a manual for supporting Maori people through bereavement. She has the training and the experience to help people compassionately through what can be an extremely unsettling and difficult time in their lives.

Grief and loss is something that will affect all of us at some stage, although we all have very individual responses to the experience. It can impact all aspects of our lives eg biological, psychological, spiritual and social.

Loss can be an event happening to us – a process of adjustment to an interpretation, an experience or a state. Loss is produced by an event which is perceived to be negative by the individuals involved, and results in long-term changes to one’s social situations, relationships or cognitions (Miller & Ormarzui, 1988, p.12).

Grief is the emotional response to loss. The complex amalgam of painful effects may include sadness, anger, helplessness, guilt and despair (Raphael, 1984, p.33).

People who are currently facing redundancy, for example, will experience grief and loss, and may be in need of assistance with the major life transitions and grief that they are facing.

Chronic Pain Management / Lifestyle Related Illness

Whilst completing her final Master’s of Social Work, Linda was involved in the lifestyle management and prevention program in a hospital setting, and wrote a conference paper on the benefit of support groups for people suffering from heart failure. The lifestyle prevention and management program focused on chronic health conditions such as heart failure, lifestyle dietetics and helping people to adapt to their changed circumstances.

Mindfulness has been found to be a powerful counselling intervention in this area, a technique that Linda has incorporated into her counselling practice. In therapy, the focus in on improving the client’s motivation to maintaining an adapted lifestyle, and helping them to embrace the positives that may bring – as well as learning to accept the losses that may have occurred as a result of the illness.

Therapeutic Approach

Evidence-based therapies such as Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) are especially helpful in the area of sex therapy, as they immediately give people skills to make a difference to their current situation.

Mindfulness and ACT are counselling approaches that teach people to:

  • Learn to observe one’s thoughts without judgment
  • See thoughts as just thoughts, not facts
  • Change their relationship with their pain, to become “unstuck”
  • Develop a healthier understanding of self development
  • Heal their relationship with themselves so they are able to fully engage in other relationships
  • Manage and reduce anxiety by stopping the struggle with inner thoughts.

Linda has completed training in this area to an advanced level and attended many of the Master Classes that have being offer in this field, such as ACT and working with depression and anxiety, borderline personality disorder, working with self identity as well as trauma and mindfulness.

Linda has found ACT therapy to be particularly effective in the treatment of clients with any kind of sexual issues that are anxiety based.

In addition, Linda draws on Schema Therapy when working with clients who have developed maladaptive coping styles.

Clinical Supervision for Therapists/Social Workers

Linda Thomson has over six year’s experience as a line manager of multi-disciplinary teams in the field of counselling. These teams were/are responsible for delivering quality therapy in very complex situations requiring family therapy, couples counselling and children’s counselling.

As a Clinic Manager Linda oversaw the quality of these services, and offered personal counselling in the more complex family/individual situations that required her years of experience and expertise as a senior counsellor.

Linda is experienced in clinical supervision in many different modalities.

Phone & Skype Counselling

Linda has embraced the latest technology and is able to offer counselling via phone or Skype.

Given the pressure of modern living it may suit clients not to leave the comfort and convenience of their own home and office, but still be able to access good quality therapeutic care with a fully trained and experience psychotherapist. Busy executives, active parents, high profile figures, those challenged by pain, individuals who travel, live in remote areas and those who suffered from anxiety, are just a few of the situations that are highly suitable for phone or Skyping.

Given the highly sensitive nature of sex therapy, some people may feel more comfortable accessing assistance through phone or Skyping as well.

However if people want counselling in the more traditional setting, Linda welcomes them to her office in Mt Gravatt which has ample parking and easy accessibility.

To make an appointment with a counselling expert, call 1800 877 924 or book Linda Thomson online now.