Julie Fickel

Julie Fickel, RN, PG Cert Health Science, PG Dip Midwifery, Cert 4 T & A, Cert 4 Pastoral Care.

Julie Fickel is a Midwife with a passion for supporting women and their partners.

She has worked in the health industry as a nurse for 30 years, developing skills around communication and supporting individuals and their families to cope with change, grief and loss; fostering resilience during times of crisis and distress.

Julie spent 3 years working for Lifeline as a telephone counselor and group trainer for 3 years, and facilitated Christian women’s recovery ministry groups while studying pastoral care. She has extensive experience in counselling couples in pregnancy, parenting and partnering.

Birth Trauma Counselling

As a midwife Julie is well placed to sensitively explore your unique story, helping you along the way to connect events to emotions, and fill in missing pieces. This helps you to understand what happened, how it could be different next time, and create meaning in your experience.

In addition to providing birth trauma counselling, Julie has done additional training in sex therapy to support women to discuss intimacy issues, particularly pregnancy concerns and after the birth of baby. Julie’s specialist midwifery knowledge brings a range of skills to support women to:

  • increase their confidence as mothers;
  • improve communication with their partner and baby;
  • explore sexual interest as opposed to arousal, in agreeing to sexual intimacy;
  • challenge their expectations of themselves and others;
  • understand physical changes post baby, as well as practical strategies for managing each day;
  • postnatal depression: what it looks like, and how to build resilience;
  • “stress inoculation” and prevention of fearful or anxious reactions to trauma; and
  • preparation and planning for positive birth experiences.


Julie offers counselling sessions via Skype, telephone, and face-to-face at M1 Psychology Loganholme. To arrange an appointment, please call (07) 3067 9129 or book Julie Fickel online now.